I love you.
By lawrence
1/24/2011 10:31:05 AM
Dear Everyone,

I just spent a lot of time reading all of the recent posts. I have felt inclined to comment on each and every one, but decided instead to write here. You all inspire me. You all are amazing. Think of all of the people, in and out of the church that have addictions (remember your days before you told anyone? I do--what a Hell). All of you are the greatest! Don't think that because you have an addiction or because your husband has one you are cursed. If God has favorite children, or "chosen people", you are definitely His chosen ones. But this is only because you have chosen Him. You all came forward, asking for help. Is any of us perfect in our recovery (or healing) yet? Will any of us ever be? hmmmm.....

It has been said that we addicts are the ones the atonement is for. In other words, we are the problem children. Not so! All need the atonement. We are just blessed that He is giving us access to it through our challenges. God gives each of us the challenges that we need in our lives, right now. Do you want to do drugs right now? Have a drink? Do you want to hate your husband for cheating on you with porn for many years? Do you want to look at porn and masturbate to make all of the bad feelings go away, even if it is just for a little while? These things, I believe were given to us by God. None that are sin, He doesn't give us sin. Only those that are weaknesses, in other words inclinations to sin. Ether 12:27 says it very clearly that He gives us weakness.

I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for my weakness, for my addiction. If it weren't for His great merciful (albeit paradoxical) gifts to me, I would have never known the sweet joy that I feel right now. I never would have known this exquisite feeling of love and joy from God! I never would have known forgiveness for sin. I never would have known and loved my Friend, Jesus. He speaks to me in my mind and in my heart through the power of the Holy Ghost. I hear Him more clearly when I repent and feel forgiveness, but when it is necessary, He gets through to me in some way or other. He wants us all to succeed. We are the Savior's own adopted children. He watches us every minute of every day. He weeps with us. He knows the angst of temptation, for He was tempted in every way with all of the full power and fury of Satan. What was His response to temptation? Can it be an example to me on how to react the next time I am tempted, in say 15 minutes or so? Each of the three temptations recorded in Matthew embody every single temptation we will ever encounter. Bodily appetites, pride, and glory and riches. How did he counter the temptations? He quoted scripture each time. I will now turn to the scriptures that are most meaningful to me when I encounter temptation. When He had had enough, He cast out Satan. When I have been bothered enough by these endless torments, I too will cast out the devil. It takes no priesthood or worthiness. It takes mere mention of my Master's name, and a simple order to GET OUT! The devil must obey: In the name of Jesus Christ, get thee hence Satan. Then the peace enters my heart and I realize those feelings and urges weren't even my own thoughts; they had been craftily placed there by the enemy. When I cast him out, I have peace. Always.

I love all of you and pray for you.



Back to you L.    
"Love to all!"
posted at 17:24:12 on January 24, 2011 by hero
Love you all too!    
"I am so thankful for this site. For all the things I've learned. For all the opportunities to help support others. For all the people I've met. I too am thankful for my addiction. I have met some of the greatest people because of my addiction. For all that it has cost me, it has also given me many things."
posted at 23:47:15 on January 24, 2011 by dstanley

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