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1/15/2011 12:46:50 AM
Nephi gave me an idea in his post about fasting. What if we had a fast amongst members who participate here on this site and then shared our testimony in writing?


FASTING can help greatly but is not a cure-all    
"Many general authorities have talked on fasting. The LORD honors sincere fasting and blessings needed can be obtained. I used to think I could be healed of addictions with fasting and have found this is not the case. BUT, I have been helped and given strength. Like the scripture that says (paraphrasing) " effectual fervent prayer availeth much " Fasting is part of a sincere effort on our part to show Heavenly Father we are willing try to be the best of our ability to follow Him."
posted at 14:12:48 on January 15, 2011 by JerryBerry
It has been my observation...    
"It has been my observation that people who struggle with addictions of any sort have a very difficult time with fasting. It has nothing to do with blood sugar levels. My theory is that they are so into getting their "fix" that any sensory deprivation (fasting) is far too difficult for them.

Solution: If I were coaching or sponsoring someone I would start out with baby steps such as basic foods only, no deserts etc. Then progress to fasting for one meal. All of this is accompanied by sincere kneeling prayer."
posted at 10:15:44 on January 16, 2011 by 3R's

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"Just as the landfill requires dedicated work and attention, laboriously applying layer after layer of fill to reclaim the low-lying ground, our lives also require the same vigilance, continually applying layer after layer of the healing gift of repentance.…Our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ, feel sorrow when we choose to remain in sin, when the gift of repentance made possible through the Atonement can clean, reclaim, and sanctify our lives. When we gratefully accept and use this precious gift, we can enjoy the beauty and usefulness of our lives... "

— Shayne M. Bowen

General Conference October 2006