Todays fast
By dan
9/24/2006 1:06:39 PM
Thank you for organizing this fast. I am still fasting currently.I'm trying to go a full 24 hours if I can. Fasting has always been hard for me. I love to eat and have an incredibly fast metabolism. (Most people hate me for that. LOL. I can eat pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, cookies, etc. non stop and I never gain an ounce!) But when fast Sunday comes around that's when I suffer. I'm starving after about two hours into it. :)

But I have felt great today. It's always easier when done as a group with a common purpose. One thing I do like about fasting is that it is a symbol of the spirit overpowering the body. And it is proof that it can be done. I think we have brainwashed ourselves with our addictions in telling ourselves that we "just can't resist" or that "there was nothing I could do", etc. When in reality we are always in control. It may become harder and harder to do something as we create bad habits but in the end our spirits always have the power to command the body. Fasting is a way to strenthen that use of our agency.

I also know that the Lord gives great blessings to those who fast. I have seen miracles in my life from fasting not related to this problem. I think by fasting we are proving to the Lord our sincerity. Praying though important, isn't usually that big of a sacrifice. Fasting is a sacrifice and I know the Lord will strengthen us as a group with added resolve and faith to overcome our addictions. I'm so thankful I found this recovery group. Together with the Lord we will succeed!


Thank you for fasting    
"I too have a testimony of fasting. I've been trying to fast once a week midweek for added help and it's been very helpful. I know that "this kind cometh not out but by fasting and prayer", is VERY applicable to our addictions. And I thank you for fasting because I feel like all of you who fasted were fasting for me. And I hope you all feel the same way - that I and everyone else who fasted on Sunday was doing so for you. I know as we continue to strive and rely on the Spirit and on each other for help, that we can overcome our weaknesses. How grateful I am for fasting, another arrow in our quiver that we can use to help us fight the enemy."
posted at 12:01:15 on September 25, 2006 by derek

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