Derek, can you please turn off anonymous?
By lawrence
1/7/2011 12:43:26 PM
We can all be brave and get our own fake, anonymous name here anyway. Heck, you can even get two. It is too confusing following all of these posts of anonymous people. It would give their posts so much more credibility in my opinion.

It would avoid the pain like Angel and Barm have had.

Also, sooner or later this site will get seriously spammed. It would protect us all to disable anonymous postings.

It would never prevent any of us from saying anything. If your husband "suspects" what your screen name is, just make a different one and post.



I like anon posts    
"did someone hit a nerve?

I say keep um."
posted at 14:14:24 on January 7, 2011 by Anonymous
no nerve    
"It is just annoying. I love you just as much without a name, but it is darned hard to keep track of which anon said what in a long thread. Why don't you just make up a name and log in with that name? We don't want to get spammed; I think it has already happened to a certain degree."
posted at 14:54:48 on January 7, 2011 by lawrence
never been spammed    
"who care's who said what? I like anon. I am anon. Why do you even care? You know you have been an anon. We all have. It is fun. Weeeee!!!"
posted at 15:23:24 on January 7, 2011 by Anonymous
I Second the notion.    
"I could not agree more. I know that we have been spammed. The administrators are doing a good job in policing this site, even among seasoned AR bloggers. A few of the "Anonymous" posters have their own "blog print" You know who they are right away.

I consider this place a safe place. Sometimes I feel that some of the posts from various "anonymous" bloggers is not sharing or support and encouragement at all. Rather, they turn into a lecture or an attempted rescue that is tainted with co-dependent overtones.

Another concern is that this site has already been compromised with "hyperlinks" to porn sites. If you do not have filters such as K-9 you will get spammed or diverted to a porn site. This happened to me when I was using my daughter in-laws computer. She did not have any filters or firewalls on it. When I logged on to this site a pornographic sleazy and filthy picture appeared.

Lawrence, have you sent in this suggestion to the administrators yet?"
posted at 11:48:43 on January 9, 2011 by 3R's
I agree too    
"With being able to make up whatever name you want, it's all anonymous anyways, so why have an anonymous feature."
posted at 23:35:22 on January 9, 2011 by dstanley
"To post anonymously make it so you still have to log in so Derek could keep track and cancel users that abuse the anonymous posting. That way you could still post anonymous but you'd have to want to enough to make a user name, log in, and not want your user name canceled/not want to have to hassle making another user name.

I disagree with anon about everyone posting anonymously. I've posted twice anonymously. Once to make fun of anonymous posting, followed up by saying it was me. And once cause I was drunk. But it was like four words long and of no consequence when I looked at it in the morning.

For the record peeps, I don't post anonymously. Just incase you think you've ever spotted me

I don't mind anonymous posters. Seems like some pretty wise people on here sometimes prefer it"
posted at 01:25:28 on January 10, 2011 by They Speak

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