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By Joshua
12/28/2010 10:51:56 PM
gee, it has been a long time since I blogged here. I decided to renew my commitment to do all those things that have worked in the past to get me sober at least for over 3 weeks so here it is hoping that I can I can go further for I have been reaqding here off and on about how those that were trapped in the throngs of addiction lt seems literally have no more disposition to look not even at the magazine rack in the store showing scantily clad girls, etc, which seems amazing and so far off but I fiugre if others have done it So can I. The reason why I stop doing everything that I need to do is it just that after a while it feels so overwheliming so I stop and then as I gradually let my guard down Satan sneaks back in and tempts me and I am like sounds like a good idea so why not or something triggers me like when I am work bored not only in my mind but there is no work to do so I end up sitting around or because I am so bored I sart to talk to Miss Black widow at work ( the pretty yet poisounous to my soul girl). However I just need to learn how to better manage my triggers for I figure if I can manage them better and let them eat away at me especailly my biggest triger of all which is resentment at things that went awful during the course of the day especailly resentment towards my wife at times whuch I am trying to let go so now it has moved on to resentment towards my relationship woth her which I am sure is not much better but getting back to managing triggers and if I do all my daily stuff then I should be able to say just like others I no longer have the disposition to do look or act out sure at times it is there in front of me just because I happen to be at convenience store at the counter buying something but even the though the thought comes for me to act out I just put it aside and move on.

So my questiuon is how to u manage triggers and how do u not feel overwhelmed with all the stuff u should be doing daily so u stay strong not do it?

Thanks in advance for ur answers


Feel the same    
"I feel the same as soon as I'm frustrated I fall,I think it's easier when you can blame it on something.It's wrong,what happens is our fault and no one elses.We have to focus on the the good things in life and move forward.I also need something to do so I usually read the book of Mormon or bible.I'm struggling and I'm sorry if I didn't answer you question just stay strong and fight! :)"
posted at 09:14:43 on December 29, 2010 by Anonymous
You want it Joshua    
"If you truly want sobriety you seek after it and ALL those things you need or should I say have to do daily to insure you have a fighting chance of staying free, you will hunger and thirst after. Joshua, you do not want it!

What is sad is that you have fallen for the biggest lie Satan has ever told. He has stolen your sexuality. Your most powerful possession. You have bought off on the counterfeit sex. The biggest the best show on earth! So SAD! You do not know that our Savior, that God who helped form our bodies has the greatest show on Earth and in Heaven. It is mind blowing! The sexuality He planned for you and me and all His children is literally out of this world. Why wouldn't it be. Does anything God created suck? NOOOOOO! So you keep on having self sex and destroying your covenants breaking your wife's heart destroying your family because it is to hard. The reality do not want to be free, give up what is familiar and easily satisfying for a moment. Your addiction will get worse. All addictions do. You are not superman and cannot overcome the obvious pitfalls and the consequences of your choices. You will suffer. Or choose to desire above all sobriety. Hunger and thirst after it. The Savior will not let you down. He will give you answers and show you the way and even hold your hand if you truly desire with all intensity of heart."
posted at 15:14:43 on December 29, 2010 by Hero
thanks hero    
"for ur comments. It has caused me to think and ponder and it does make sense so the question and work is back in my court: How bad do I want sobriety? and based on this am I going to do it for the right reasons and not just to satisfy my wife but to satisfy me ?"
posted at 00:19:50 on December 31, 2010 by Joshua
Did you see this?    
"Hey Joshua, I think this link was posted before. Whether you saw it or not then, it's a good one to hear again...

When the triggers come, I remind myself I need to be my wife's hero. I also remind myself that even Jesus was tempted, so it's OK that I'm being tempted. I'm not bad for being tempted. Then, I contact someone and let them know I'm being tempted."
posted at 09:16:49 on December 31, 2010 by BeClean
Great Video!    
"Thanks BECLEAN, for the video link! Can be applied to anyone with a family, really. :)

Joshua - How are you doing in recovery?"
posted at 02:06:54 on July 6, 2011 by ConfidenceIn
"I have so many, but over the years I have learned to fight the battle in advance, and make a plan of action when my triggers hit. For example I was told to talk to my wife on the phone, that would help me remember my covenants. But all it did was make it possiable to know exactly where she was at and how long I had on the computer before she came home. So being alone is a big trigger for me, so I make sure that I do not keep track where my wife is and when she will be back. I also leave the door to our bedroom a little open so that I would never know if she was up or not. If I am alone I try to leave the house and do something, go anywhere so that I am not alone and if I cannot escape somewhere, I will play a video game to distract my mind, I am easily distracted. I have learned that as a recovering addict I have to live my life a little differently and more cautiously than my non brain damaged brothers. The armor I have to carry around is heavy, but recovery is worth it, the peace is worth any price I have to pay"
posted at 22:34:51 on July 6, 2011 by harveyf

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