A prayer
By lawrence
12/16/2010 3:57:00 PM
I found this and tweaked it just a little. I want to add Book of Mormon references. I don't believe really in set prayers, but I do like written prayers.

Father in heaven, I am entering a spiritual battle today against an enemy who is waging war against my soul. 1 Peter 2:11 I must be self controlled and alert, because my enemy the devil is looking to devour me. 1 Peter 5:8 I will resist him today and he will flee from me. James 4:7 I know that I will be tempted to sin against Thee today. I am so thankful that Thou wilt not allow me to be tempted with anything that I cannot overcome. Thou hast promised to provide all the strength I need to say no to any and all temptations today. 1 Corinthians 10:13 Jesus I am comforted in knowing that Thou doest understand this war I am fighting. Thou doest understand what it is like to be tempted. Thou wast tempted in every way that I am, yet Thou wast without sin. Hebrews 4:15 I am eternally grateful that sin is no longer my master, and I am no longer a slave to sin. Romans 6:6 I have been set free from the power of sin and have become a slave to righteousness. Romans 6:18 By Thy Spirit and grace I will not allow sin to reign in my life today. Romans 6:11 Thy grace teaches me to say no to ungodliness and worldly lusts, and I will live a self controlled, upright, godly life today. Titus 2:11 Lord, I know it is Thy will for me to be sanctified 1 Thessalonians 4:3 I thank Thee that Thy divine power has given me everything I need for life and godliness 2 Peter 1:3. I praise Thee that Thou hast given me a hunger and a thirst for Thy righteousness and Thy kingdom.

I know that discouragements and setbacks may hit me today. Things may not go the way I planned or hoped. I am thankful that no matter what happens, Thou hast promised to cause everything to work together for my good, because I love Thee, and have been called according you your purpose. Romans 8:28

Lord today I need help to wage war on the pride in my life. I know that Thou doest oppose the proud but Thou givest Thy wonderful grace to the humble. James 4:6 Help me to think of the needs of others before my own today. Philippians 2:4 If I don’t receive good service, if someone is rude to me, help me to respond with love and kindness. Please remind me to pray for them. Mathew 5:44 In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen


I like it    
posted at 00:07:35 on December 17, 2010 by dstanley
i like it too    
"I really have found power in having open, honest communication in prayer rather than just going through the motions. How have I gone so long without this? Prayer can be so powerful."
posted at 19:07:12 on December 17, 2010 by paul

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